The First National Battle Theme Strategy Game
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About Game

PetCraft 3D is the first cross-chain blockchain game with the theme of national war. It is highly collectible, for it has introduced famous IP and created a number of cute pet figures. In this game, we've built an ever-expanding planet, enabling plenty of gameplays like pet mining, battle, strategic competition, guild, making it far more than a simulation game. PetCraft is going to launch a variety of theme activities to constantly ignite hot topics.

PetCraft Pets

13 Genes: Each pet consists of 13 possible genes combinations in 10 different body parts, giving you infinite fun in breeding. Different genes are designed with different probability, so watch out for a super rare traits!
6 Military Branches: Your little pets are not only cute but also powerful! Each pet is assigned to 1 of the 6 possible Military Branches with restriction relations. Think and choose your pets carefully in a battle, an allelopathy branch against your enemy will bring you victory!
Proprietary: You are free to play with your pets anyway you want: collect, breeding, battle, trade and more!
Purchase or sell the siring service: Siring service can be purchased in the market.
Getting new pets: Your pets can have babies with your own pets or other players' pets. In breeding process, the baby pets have a certain probability of variation.
Level up: Your pets get EXP when mining and are able to continuously level up.
Rank promotion: The initial military rank of a pet is 0 (recruits), and the highest one is 10 (lieutenant general). From 0-10, they are different military ranks. When your pet is ready, put it into the training room for "rank promotion" and a random attribute will be baked into the pet, which increase its speed, life, defense and attack ability as well as mining efficiency.


Battle Modes
Players can dispatch pets to attack cities in different countries. The battle is based on the 1V1 competition system. Each city is defensive by a pet and the attacking player can only choose one pet to join the battle.
Battle Rules
If the players plan to occupy the city in their own country, they must attack from the lower-grade city and cannot attack the city across grade. If the players want to occupy cities across nations, they should attack from the lowest grade of cities in the country. The Tier 1 city is the highest grade, and if the player successfully captures the Tier 1 city, the highest tax benefits will be obtained. Each attack requires three minutes cooling time to launch the next battle.
Battle Results
Players who win the battle can occupy the city and gain tax revenue (increasing mining output).

Game Highlights

Wishing Pool and Country’s Upgrade
There is a “Wishing Pool” designed in the game, players could buy “wish” to support countries, the minimum purchase price will increase after each purchase. The duration of each round keeping two days. Each player can buy multiple countries’ “wish”. The more “wish” he buys, the more rewards he could get. At the end of each round, the country which gets the most “wish”can upgrade and open the cities of related tier.
PetCraft integrates the game of “Vegeteal” and creates the gameplay of “Peteal”. If the pet do mining for more than 8 hours, the mining output could be “stolen” by other players. If pet mines within 8 hours, the earning PCT will be protected.
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
There is an area – Demilitarized Zone specifically designed for players who do not want to choose their nationality. The mining output in DMZ is similar to that in other countries, however, there are no wars and owners, pets can live in harmony.

Core Team

Kevin Chao (CEO)
Co-founder & CEO

5 years project management experience

Co-Founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Federation

Dual-Degree of Statistic (M.Sc. Leuven) and Management(M.Phil. HKU)

Bruce Lau (CTO)
Co-founder & CTO

13 years of game development experience

Game Engine Specialist of National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program)

Works: Fairy sword romance 3, Fairy sword romance 2, Moving the world, Bragging in the women country etc.

Doris Lai (CMO)
Co-founder & CMO

15 years gamer

Former Hong Kong Asian TV Financial Program host

Director of Hong Kong Blockchain Federation

Director of Shilian Media

Lionel Kao (CSO)
Co-founder & BD Director

6 years’ experience in game design and operation

Works: Persian Blade, Beauty in the Golden Bottle, Sanctuary

Cheney Pang (BD)
Co-founder & CSO

7 years’ experience in game promotion and operation

Former 4399 Chief Business Officer

Former Tencent Chief Business Officer

Consultant Team

Spencer Yang
Blockchain Consultant
CoinUsage Partner

Asian-Pacific Marketing Director of Cryptokitties; Former International Vice President of Cobo; Former Asian General Manager of Unikrn; SMU Dual-Degree

Blockchain Consultant

Expert of blockchain products and early blockchain project investor (Ox、Status、omiseGo、Raide、vechai, etc.); Director of Tencent Blockchain blockchain and responsible for game and economic model construction

Dada Chou
Game Consultant

10 years game R&D and project management experience; Main designer of Seasun's Swordsman III; Producer and Main Designer of 3D Web game Dongtiandi 3D

Elliot Lau
IP Consultant
Fashion League CEO

Former Yahoo China Sales Manager; T-Mall Senior Marketing Expert; Alibaba Pictures Senior Business Development Expert; 2013 Effie Awards HKU Integrated Marketing Communication Master

Kevin Xu
IP Consultant
Fashion League Co-Founder

Former Investment Manager of Alibaba Pictures; Former Investment Vice-President of CCB International; MBA Chicago Booth